This is the story of this car:

in july 2000 (at that time I already had a 6.9), surfing on internet, I found an italian auction on a 6.9. It was stated: 450 sel 6.9 year 1978 dark blue full optional first owner: former italian republic president Giovanni Leone.

I immediately wrote the seller, he did not knew so much these cars, anyway he told me that the car had automatic klima, Becker radio and sunroof. It was in Milano.

After some days I went to inspect the car. It was under a roof, very dirty but the interior was lovely: blue velour, sunroof, Becker Mexico radio, front and rear heated seats (super rare here in Italy!!), rear courtesy lights, fanfare. Only the automatic antenna was not original, lately I discovered that the car had originally a fire estinguesher and coco-mats, now missing. Despite 15 months of inactivity, the 6.9 started immediatly and seemed to run well.

After a couple of weeks I signed the selling contract and after 1 month I collected the car. The first travel back home was a bit difficult because many electric fuses were down, so I had no turning lights (in the middle of Milano.....) and the instruments were not working. When I was home, I just replaced some fuses and engine-transmission oil and filters and I cleaned the car for 2 days!. After nearly 2 years and 3.000 km. I had absolutely no problems with this car. It runs really well, auto transm. is very smooth, the complicated automatic klima very efficient. Really a joy to drive.